Monday, April 18, 2016

Hummingbirds of Paradise and other Flower Adventures

With this artwork, I experimented with a different medium, drawing and painting on wood. Art is a journey and it is fun to take different paths of trying a new style, medium, or theme, and just "play"- this work was very relaxing and fun to create. I enjoy sharing the journey with my students in guiding them to dive in and try new things, take inspiration from many resources and spontaneously apply that in a lesson, and create an environment where my students feel free to create and "play" through their own journey of art making to discover new possibilities.This piece  expresses an appreciation for nature and it's beauty. It highlights the playfulness and magic of the hummingbird,  and symbolizes the co-evolution between plants and animals. I am still experimenting with more flower/animal pieces but  this final piece "Hummingbirds of Paradise" will show in the What Those Who Teach Can Do art show at the Art Institutes of Southern California in Costa Mesa in May 2016. Come check it out!

11x17" Colored Pencil and Watercolor on Wood $350.00


even the pencil shavings are pretty!

process 1

process 2

nasturtium beauty

start of nasturtium piece