Friday, May 24, 2013

Cheer Up, Hug-a-Pup!

Welp, this has been tough week. So there have been extra hugs in my house. I of course am grateful for my hubby, but also I realize having a puppy really makes a difference in cheering up! So... if you are feeling blue...Cheer Up! Hug a Pup!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

SCBWI Summer Conference 2013 Excitement!!

Yay!! I just got my ticket to the 2013 SCBWI Summer Conference!!!! I went once before in 2010 for the Saturday and it was fantastic but I kept saying to myself " One day is not enough, I need to go the whole time next time!" So here I am, minus 525 dollars later (half-of-my-teaching-paycheck-for-a -month) and I will be on my way. So, you know how I told you that I work best under pressure? Well, this will be the ultimate challenge preparing for the conference. I not only want to create my official website, but create new pieces for my portfolio, create a new business card, a t-shirt for the black and white ball, and possibly a book dummy."What?!" you say? "Yes, " I say, "it can be done!" I am especially excited for these speakers: Jarrett Krosoczka, Jon Scieszka , and David Wiesner.
This Ted talk by Krosoczka was especially touching: There will be so much more! I will be so inspired that I quit my job to make room for more drawing and then I'll start eating paper because I can't afford food. I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!!!