Monday, November 17, 2014

Art Power: CAEA Conference 2014

Art Power: CAEA (California Art Education Association) Conference 2014  was a blast! Thanks CAEA! I am not only an illustrator, but an art teacher and in both careers it is important to network and attend conferences such as these to stay connected with others with common interests, passion, and purpose. There were some wonderful workshops, speakers, and art teachers that inspired me to be a better artist and teacher! I am overflowing with new ideas that I want to implement in my classroom. Below are some highlights and quick resources from my experience!

Workshops: 2-D Animation(Tami Lincoln), Online Art Tools (Cris Guenter), Art Program Goals (Samuel Swail),Creative Quill Pen-Blick (Linda Carter), Gelli Arts Printmaking (Jennifer Marquez), Traveling Sketchbooks (Donna Banning), Handmade Book Ideas (Kathy Olsen), Observational Drawing (Wei Xu), Using Museums in the Classroom (Mallorie Marsh), National Art Honors Society (Linda Brown, Lucy McHugh) , Da Vinci Initiative (Nancy Hines). Keynote: StevenHickner, Kevin Staniec, and Nirvan Mullick.
Online Art Tools &Apps 

Bulb (Online portfolios, image organizer):

Affordable Sketchbooks for art classrooms

Traveling Sketchbooks and Sketchbook Ideas ( Be involved if you are an educator!) cover illustration by moi:

Circle Painting (community, school art activity)

Identity and Art Presentation:

Contemporary Portrait Artist:

Contemporary Photographer

Airbrush Artist Malcom McCrae:

Observational Drawing from a Mathematical Approach:

If you have any other art teaching links please share!