Monday, December 9, 2013

More in the Etsy Store!

Shop one, shop all, in the local artists lair of original art prints and cards by me- just on time for the holidays!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fan Girl Week

Well, this week I was the ultimate fangirl. Though it has been exhausting, going to these events were very worth it! My sister invited me to a spoken word performance by the Urban Theatre Movement she performed in on Tuesday (she is the one in the stripes), and it was quite fantastic! Support your local theatre!


THEN, on Thursday I went to the LCAD Gallery on Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach and saw the John Kricfalusi art show and actually met the man that influenced the development of my wide-eyed energetic characters, the man John K. himself. And to that, I say "Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!" I shared the story with him about how I brought Ren and Stimpy Comics to school in 4th grade and would copy his characters over and over and over again! Check out his blog: Thanks to Larissa Marantz ( for remembering I am a fan and letting me know this was happening!

Me with John K. and his daughter Auralynn
And here's my signed copy of one of the comics I had in 4th grade

FINALLY, today I met illustrators and authors at the Chemers Gallery Annual Children's Book Illustrator's Show today. This is an event I never miss, and buy way too many books at! But, I would rather support artists than buy anything else for the holidays, so there you are. Here are some highlights:

Meeting Michael Hague ( and his wife of 43 years, Michael went to Art Center and has been illustrating classics such as The Wind in the Willows and the Wizard of Oz. He has illustrated over 100 books. How dear are his illustrations, they feel of another time. He also seemed excited about the comic series he is working on (get a copy here: since he gets the freedom to create without much constraint and with the digital media as opposed to the usual watercolor he uses for his children's book projects.

Michael Hague

Meeting John Parra, the very friendly Mexican folk artist with many books and beautiful art works. I enjoyed his presentation describing his process where he uses many layers or acrylic, then scraps into it with sandpaper for a distressed look " like it was found in the attic" and then adds bold shapes of color using hand-cut masks with masking tape for crisp lines, then adding shading and detail later on.

John Parra Illustrated many books, includinng ones by prolific author and my friend Roseanne Greenfield Thong (  "Round is A Tortilla" and "Green is a Chili Pepper" (coming out in February). I am so honored to know such a talented author! Roseanne has written many books that focus on multi-ethnic themes, check out her website for more titles.

Me, John Parra, & Roseanne Greenfield
Meeting Brett Helquist  (, of the Series of Unfortunate Events among other books, he gave me the advice to keep sending my postcards out and not to give up! Of course I just found out his agent is my dream agent, Steve Malk. His main focus is faces, and I'll say his style of drawing people is my favorite. He says that if you can draw a good face then you can draw a good animal face as well, but I feel like I can draw much better animal faces than people faces. He also did a fun lesson on drawing with basic shapes, so we all drew a goat together since he has the book about a grumpy goat.

Meeting author Molly Idle ( was delightful, and her presentation was also very informative and upbeat. Though there were so many talented authors and illustrators that I learned from at the event, Molly's work is closest to my heart and what I do. Her coming from an animation background is not surprising  to me-with my obsession, fascination, and admiration of animators! She said she used to do animation for dreamworks- and in fact she described the images of her book as "keyframes", the scenes that start and stop the emotion. She spoke in particular of her book "Flora and the Flamingo" and how the reader is empowered to create their own pacing with the wordless book with interactive flaps. I also loved how she spoke about how books are important to help us slow down a bit, especially with all of the media that inundates us at all hours. She also works in prismacolor pencil, and studied the motion of flamingos and ballet for this book.

Me and Molly Idle

Meeting Stacy Innerst (, Kathleen Krull & Paul Brewer of many non fiction children's books including "The Beatles Wer Fab" and " Lincoln Tells a Joke" among many others. I feel that their books bring history to life and make learning fun which is so important in a world where I see a lot of boredom happening in schools. We need to make learning more fun, and I think these guys really do that. Stacy, the illustrator has a very playful approach to his illustration where he has fun with trying different media and I think this brings lots of life and originality to his work.

Stacy, Kathleen, Me, and Paul

I also ran into my previous co-worker (Art Steps) artist Ian Paul Montelongo ( who also shows at the Chemers Gallery throughout the year and in my opinion is the master with experimental applications of acrylics. 
Me and Ian Paul

I also was delighted to see fellow OC Illustrators Carolyn Le ( and Irina Mirskaya (, very talented illustrators I am grateful to know. Speaking of OC Illustrators, you should also check out Marilyn Scott-Waters store, her books make great holiday presents! I was sad to miss her book signing at the South Coast Plaza Barnes and Noble today, but maybe we can catch her another time. (

Every illustrator today was my teacher and inspiration, and I can't thank the Chemer's Gallery enough for putting together such an informational, inspirational event that supports authors and illustrators of children's books. Now, we read!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Congratulations November SKADAMOers!

We made it! Did 30 sketches for the Month of November for Skadamo, thanks Linda Silvestri! It was wonderful seeing all of the participants sketches of the day as well, it sure helps to have an awesome illustrator community to help give the extra push to do what we love anyway! In fact, below are Linda's awesome drawings- a Skadamo winner badge for me- yippee! And, the beginning of the next challenge: HoHoDooDa (Holiday doodle a day) which I will do a few here and there and maybe some other sketch of the day things too! This sketching every day sure is a great idea! Let's keep up the momentum!

SkADaMo button 2013 monkey winner 450bunnee hohodooda 450

Skadamo # 26, 27, 29, 30 Petaluma

Here are some make up sketches I did while visiting my mom in Petaluma for Thanksgiving. These are 30 minute on site sketches on 3.5x5inch watercolor paper. Finally able to post them now that I am back at my computer. Enjoy!

Across from Petaluma library

Petaluma river at dusk

Old Ghirardelli factory at dusk

Sadie the evil cat

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Skadamo # 28 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a lovely celebration with family and friends! Will update more skadamo sketches when I have my proper technology after my vacation.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Skadamo # 25 Off and Away!

Well we will be bringing Thanksgiving to my mom this year, me and the turkey that is. When I am away, I hope I can continue to post! Have a lovely time off this week to enjoy with family and friends!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Skadamo #24 Dolphin Personality

 Today's sketch of the day is inspired by a silly link that I saw on facebook today "What's Your Animal Personality type?" and remembered that I had scored an ENFP on the Myer's Briggs test in high school. The site displays an animal that fits that personality trait, now of course you don't have to believe in any of it but it was fun to look at. My ENFP results came up with a dolphin. The description included: Creative, contagiously happy, boundless energy, and vivacious which fits my personality quite well. What kind of animal are you? Oh yeah, watch out for the guy in the middle, he may be the reason there was some yellow in the kiddie pool...
Pool Party 6x5" Watercolor/ Digital Touch Ups

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Skadamo # 23 The Dark Crystal Speed Paintings

I gotta tell you, these spit (speed) paintings are really teaching me some things about simplification. Also, that I need to work on contrast. These are some 30 minute digital speed paintings on scenes from the Dark Crystal, one of my favorite movies from childhood. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Skadamo #21 & 22 Headache Cat and Digital

Here are sketches to cover yesterday and today. I got home late and felt like this, with a heaping headache so I went straight to bed. I have been around many coughers lately, so I am fighting it! Below shows also a continuation of digital work I did today. Thanks for looking! Stay well in this chilly season!
Headache cat- ink/watercolor 1.5x2"

Another quick 30 minute digital study
A monochromatic scene from the Space Riding Hood Story