Saturday, November 9, 2013

Skadamo #9: Lei-ka color study

This is what I worked on for digital painting class today, based off of the color study I did previously:
I learned how to add more value with this technique so I will update it with a stronger piece once I explore this technique further of layering color on top of the value piece seen below. The character is Lil' Miss Red's sidekick Lei-ka riding on his jet-pack. Looking at my Skadamo sketches so far, they are kind of all over the place technique wise, because I am really at the stage where I am playing and learning with different techniques so I can really be versatile and apply what I have learned to my usual  (traditional) techniques. I am really having lots of fun, you can never stop exploring and learning!


  1. Am enjoying your sketches for SkADaMo. I am also interested in your digital painting class and exercises, they are looking really good too.

  2. Wow! Looks good!

    Happy NaBloPoMo, btw!