Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Skadamo 11-12-13!

Today I subbed the same 4th grade class as Friday and it was great! This age is just sooo creative! I snuck in a superhero character lesson and this is about how it went. The kids LOVE art! I am glad I can offer it as an extra treat. The kids helped me come up with 2 superheroes that are on the board. One, tuxedo wearing fantasticat that has the strength of the universe and the cape wearing lazer eyed doggo hero. What fun! Well, if I didn't have to wake up early and teach again I would color this in, maybe another time!


  1. Amazing sketch,so full of details!Love it and waht a great thing to teach children:)

  2. What lucky kids! I love this sketch. It totally captures the happy buzz of a busy group of kids being creative.

  3. wow...busy class!! great sketch!