Saturday, November 2, 2013

Skadamo #2 Color Study for Digital Painting Class

Well I am still in the computer lab at Laguna College of Art and Design after auditing the digital painting class since my computer at home is not working and have been working on the new assignment, which is a color study. I am not quite sure if I did it right, we were supposed to copy the picture only in black and white, and then add color on top of the value layer. Next step to this exercise is to apply this type of color/value studied to my own sketch. Once I figure out exactly how this works, it is going to be a very efficient way to work! That is the one thing that I have been learning in this class, is how to simplify effectively, which is necessary if you have a short deadline but also can be difficult so I am glad I am practicing! I am doing this color study on artist Todd Harris (link) whom was used as a fantastic example of an artist that uses color effectively. 

In-Progress Color Study of Todd Harris

More Work by Todd Harris

There is an interview with Todd Harris here along with interviews on other artists:

Now, time for a late late dinner!

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