Friday, September 20, 2013

Digital Painting Class- Value & Silhouettes

Though I am still behind on some posts, life keeps moving forward!! Here is my work for my digital painting class this week. I feel like I have NO IDEA what I'm doing which is good I guess because I am learning a lot! I am really working on getting more used to drawing on the computer- it does not come naturally to me. I also took on another challenge to make myself more well-rounded as an artist and am taking a photography class at Saddleback Adult School by the lovely Laura Hoffman whom I know through children's book illustration. I just started the class, but I created a smug mug account at: so check back later.Yippee for learning new things!!!!

(Sci-Fi Little Red Rigin Hood Character Concepts)
Lil' Miss Red-Wacky Adventurer with a tough edge
Loco Lobo- Creepy, sneaky, gangly, downright no-good criminal
These are the beginning ideas, but still working on it... (pets to come)

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