Sunday, September 15, 2013

Digital Painting at LCAD

Hi everyone! I know I owe you some art and tidbits from summer, but that will take some more preparation (scanning,etc). So, I will put things out of order and show you what I did this week in the digital painting class I am auditing at Laguna College of Art and Design ( yes, alumni can audit classes!). I am uber excited to vamp up my digital painting skills! This class is in the Game Design category, so involves not only the skills of digital painting, but will also involve a bunch of concept art and story development. The theme this semester is Little Red Riding Hood that we will develop using the themes horror, sci-fi, or whimsical. Normally, I would choose whimsical but this time I chose something a bit more out of my usual art and choose sci-fi. here is the story synopsis and this week's beginning development of reference and value studies. My teachers are Daniel Stultz  and Anthony Scott Waters who both work in the video game industry. Below is this week's work:

Synopsis: In this Firefly-esque cowboy space Universe, Lil' Miss Red has a company "Red Hood Indistries" that transports precious cargo across the universe. This time, the Grand Marshall from her home planet send her out on a job to collect precious cargo from the mines of a distant planet for the town's supply. She collects the cargo, and an infamous bandit of the stars known as Lobo Bandito sees her loading the cargo. He follows her on his bug-dragon-robot-alien mount and becomes visible to her out in space, as he flags her down "for help". She picks him up and he makes up a story about how he is stranded, etc (details to come), so she talks to him about what she has been doing and mentions where she is going and asks if he wants to be dropped off there for help. Suspiciously, he declines and says he is better and should be on his way. This causes Lil' Miss Red to draws her weapon and they have an all out gun fight on top of the ship, he gets away as her pet worm/lizard bites him on the arm. Then, she gets to her home planet to deliver the goods and as she comes to the Grand Marshall's station she notices some things are different about her. She notices the bite on her arm and immediately drew her weapon, and deputy huntsmen comes to her aid, hearing all of the commotion. The deputy keeps Lobo Bandito in jail until the proper galactic authorities can obtain him, and they find the real Grand Marshall wounded and hidden, but not dead. Cargo is delivered, justice is served. Lil' Miss Red no longer picks up hitchhikers.

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