Thursday, July 24, 2014


In preparation for Comicon, I have created a postcard and t-shirt design. I will show a picture of the t-shirt later here is the postcard design with the process. Fun, fun! If you are planning to go to Comicon this weekend in San Diego, say hi! I am looking forward to some great workshops, panels (Walking Dead, Bob's Burgers, Community, Nerdist, Mythbusters are among some favs) seeing friends, and meeting other artists. I am also preparing for a personal project just for fun, just to well, you know, draw cats! Hence, the message on the postcard about it. I started posting people as cats on reddit here are some cat pictures from that and other cats: If you have any ideas of famous people, key figures in history, or people you know please send requests of anyone you want to be catified. Anyway, cheers to an exciting weekend!!!!

Final Postcard Design 4x6"

Direct Scan (loses some color in this process)
Inked Sketch
Initial Brainstorm sketches

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