Thursday, February 21, 2013

Illustrated Booklet

 Last weekend I attended the Grimm Storytelling event in Long Beach, (The poster I designed for it is in previous posts) where I read Hansel and Gretel and did a small activity on how to create an illustrated booklet- thanks to Barbara Malley for the idea! There were some really great speakers that also demonstrated different things such as flower arranging or hair design as it related to the Grimm Stories. In a world of video games and the rush of other technologies, it was nice to sit back and have a day of people telling stories to each other- like in the good old days! Below you will see the booklet process and my quickie booklet of Hansel and Gretel (as cats of course).

Here is the step-by-step worksheet I created for this event
Step two: Planning the story

Step three: Setting up the placement of images for the booklet
Step four: Color your story! I changed the placement of the booklet in photoshop so it is easier to see the story here.
Step five: Fold, and enjoy!
At the event, me as red riding hood teaching illustration

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