Thursday, January 3, 2013

Car Trouble

My last day of vacation and I am excited to go to the farmer's market and take my dog Darwin to the park- until things took an unexpected turn. As I turn the key in the ignition my new car putters as an old car would (I am all too familiar with the sound) and the 'check engine' light flicks on. The whole reason why I got a new car in the first place was to avoid situations like this! Confused,  I pop up the hood and gasp at the remnants left behind; ghosts of pattering feet and droppings the size of sunflower seeds cover the dusty innards of the engine, and within the alternator- a comfy nest of tissue scraps and leaves. “Oh brother”, I sigh with a hint of excitement imagining a mice party in my engine the freezing night before, but mostly with disappointment in the shattering of the day’s plans. How could this happen in the middle of the suburbs of Southern California? This seems a more likely incident in the Sierras where I grew up! With a flashlight and some gloves on, I investigate the debris further, tearing the little home apart only to find the wires chewed completely through! Too bad there is no rodent coverage on warranties.

Dramatic interpretation: 

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