Sunday, December 16, 2012

Little Women- SCBWI Tomie DePaola Contest Entry

This year's SCBWI's Tomie DePaola illustration contest was to illustrate The Yearling, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, or Little Women in black and white. Here are the full guidelines. I chose Little Women because I remember reading this book as a child and was happy to reread it for this project. Everyone is just so proper in that book, what a different era this books reflects! I just drew this vision I had as I read this scene in the book after John and Meg were decided to be married and Mr. March came home from the war where everyone was together and cozy. It is so exciting to see other illustrator's entries on the unofficial gallery, so many different approaches and visions, I just love the variety! My illustration is hidden in there somewhere! Below is the process:

Little Women Sketch

"Little Women" Ink, Watercolor, and Colored Pencil 8x10"

Version for the Unofficial Gallery, with added text below

Official Entry Version, with text spread

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