Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Know you Are but What am I?

Wow, I got 5 paintings done in about 1 week. What a fun project! These are for the art show "I know you are but what am I" put together by Valerie Lewis (check out her blog, amazing work! and the Violethour gallery in Fullerton. A bunch of us artists are putting work in. Many are art teachers too, and as art teachers we start collecting artwork from our students and admiring their absurd ideas and fantastic creativity that many of us lose later on. My goal in life is to try to keep that alive through continuing to create. This art show is about taking these students works, and bringing them to life in our own way. I like how our friend Spencer put it, he said "it's as if kids had an art degree". I have included both the kids work and my own. Check out our show at the artwalk next Friday June 3rd!
"I Love All People" SOLD

"Cat Friends " SOLD

The one just above is from a drawing from when I was five years old.


  1. These are amazing, I can't wait for the show on Friday :) I love the one from your own 5-year-old drawing too.