Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sketchbook Cover

My old illustration teacher, Barron Storey, taught me the meaning of and artists' sketchbook-not only in filling up the pages, but personalizing the cover to make it your own. He brought to class, along with his original cover illustration from Lord of the Flies, stacks of sketchbooks with wonderful collages and sketches inside and out. It has been awhile since I created a collage on my sketchbook cover so I did this quick sketch and experimented with some old film negatives I found. I had finished it off with applying matte medium to protect it and some strange things happened. Some of the film became cloudy and some stayed shiney. Apparently the plastic that protects the film reacts differently to matt medium and super 77 depending on which side it is on. Take a look!

Original illustration


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  1. You rock Heather! I love the energy in your drawings- they're hilarious!