Monday, September 21, 2009

Balloon Mice

Balloon Mice
ink and watercolor 6"x8"

I have been meeting with members of SCBWI- local children's book illustrators which by the way the new issue of the SCBWI magazine features a really cool illustrator on the cover, David Ercolini ( and from his site
I found an inspiring illustrator named Eric Losh ( who appreciates animals as I do. His awareness of the environment and his nature-messages are what I incorporate in my children's books.
The recent assignment at the illustrator schmooze was to draw an animal doing something so here is the new sketch that I worked on last week. I have always had this scenario in my sketches but have never solidified it in a finished piece. Shown below is some of the process of the reference drawings and Cinderella mice studies and the ink sketch. Any feedback is helpful!

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  1. Dustin and I have this print hanging near our bed. Without even thinking about it I find myself making up stories about the mice, and how the one with the balloons ended up that way! All the mice have such expressive faces, especially the one at the top of the pile with the look of total despair.